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Glossary of terms

Following are surface level understandings of Māori terms found throughout the website.



Love, compassion, empathy, effection, feel concern for.  


Incantation, reciting of prayer, chant, prayer, ritual activity. 


Also referred to as kohi or whakaaro. For this context koha is a contribution, gift, present, offering, donation in reciprocity of the exchange for help and support received. (The full understanding of koha is much larger than what we describe here and is applied according to certain contexts and hapu or iwi practices.)


Work, practice, occupation, activity, effort, performance.


Pain, ache, hurt, sore.


Sick, sickly, weary, fatigued. 

Mauri ora

To restore or revitalise 

Sleep-state experience

Experiencing phenomena whilst being in a sleep state that is neither dreaming, hypnogogic hallucinating or hypnopompic hallucinating.   

Te ārahi whaiaro

Self leadership

Tupuna / Tipuna

Ancestor. A person usually one more remote than a grandparent, from whom one is descended. Tūpuna / Tīpuna is the plural form of the this.

Whai ora or Tangata Whai ora

A person who is seeking improvement to their health.




To restore or revitalise 

Whakapuāwai ora

To flourish with vitality in one's life and health.

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