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Mahi Wairua
- Working with spirit - 

Coaching is a nurturing and rewarding way of experiencing personal and professional growth in an area of your choice. With encouragement, the right tools, motivation and relevant ways of thinking and feeling, a person can create breakthroughs that set the tone for future outcomes.  

Korero Wairua

Increase your understanding

Matters of a wairua nature are not always clearly defined or simple to understand. A conversation with an experienced practitioner can be useful in making sense of wairua experiences you maybe having.


 General guidance - help to interpret an occurrence - understand experiences - talk through options.


To improve and uplift 

Karakia is commonly translated to prayer. However, it is an ancient and traditional way for healing to take place (in person or long distance), for help and guidance to be received, for requests to be made, where prayer, incantation and ritual might be recited.


For Maori people, karakia has an important role across a wide context (much wider than what I can explain here in a paragraph). Within the context of 'Whakapuawai Ora' karakia is used for the improvement and upliftment of a person's situation, health and wellbeing. Karakia can be said for people of all nationalities.  

Do you have a need for a karakia, and would like one to be said for you? 


I get asked if I am clairvoyant, or a medium, or matakite. My usual inward response to this is discomfort because these terms come with certain beliefs systems, and meaning that attempts to fit people inside a box.


My experience with wairuatanga is that information is presented to me in many shapes and forms, and part of my role is to interpret then translate what has been presented, and to . 

"There just is, what is. Full stop." 

Over many many years 


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