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Coaching is a nurturing and rewarding way of experiencing personal and professional growth in an area of your choice. With encouragement, the right tools, motivation and relevant ways of thinking and feeling, a person can create breakthroughs that set the tone for future outcomes.  

Clear the way ahead

Whakawatea Te Huarahi

* Acquiescing * Excessive worrying * Avoidance * Always busyness * Over thinking * Defensiveness * Fear of failure * Feel not good enough * Overworking * Stressing * Low self-esteem * Too controlling or not controlling enough * Procrastination * Too protective * Self-limitations * Self doubt * Overwhelm * Too much or not enough *

Repetitive patterns of thinking, feeling or believing can be like catching your toe on the furniture. A nuisance and painful! At the core of these patterns are sub-conscious signals to the brain guiding us to do our best, to protect our sense of self. If left to continue, they cause a ripple effect elsewhere in a persons life.

Surprisingly Fast Results

In three sessions or less there will be a notable difference in how you are responding to the earlier pattern of behaviour.


* Increase self-awareness

* Get clarity of what you want instead

* Free yourself from an old pattern of behaviour

* Learn improved ways of responding to challenging situations

* Strengthened resilience 

Mauri Ora

From depression to living your life 

Depression can be a debilitating and destructive experience. It effects a persons behaviour, their persona, and outlook on life. Therefore, affecting their life in general. For people supporting others going through depression it can also be a complex and difficult time. 

Creating Lasting Change 

Towards Mauri Ora is a programme facilitated across a series of weeks focused on supporting clients to work through important shifts and changes across several areas of life.

The programme was inspired by Maria's own personal 3-year journey with depression. She shares her learnings, insights, and approaches to overcoming the battle. This programme is supported by research and utilises indigenous knowledge. 

Towards Mauri Ora is a programme designed for people who want to move towards creating lasting change in their lives.  


* Experiencing alignment with own values

* Feeling a sense of renewal and motivation

* Following through on plans

* Having goals and dreams

* Feeling in charge of self

* Making choices and decisions

* New tools and increased resilience

* Living YOUR life!

Leading towards a vison 

Te Arahi Whaiaro

If you have a vision, goal or outcome to achieve this would be the coaching for you. Utilising leadership coaching that helps you develop clarity of vision, planning, business project or practical tools, solution finding, decision making and taking action.


Helps strengthen resilience, lead through demanding and emotive situations, 

and focused on tangible results.

You will look at yourself to ensure you don't hold yourself back.


* Following through on a vision and plans

* Being in charge of your life

* Taking action on something important

* New tools and strengthened resilience

* Lead through demanding and emotive situations

* Producing results while aligned with your values

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