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Traditional Bodywork

The human body is working for us, all day, everyday, even when we are sleeping. It is busy functioning and restoring itself 24/7. That includes not only the physical aspects but also processing of experiences, thoughts and ideas; and storing memories, feelings and emotions. This includes such responses as stress, anxiety, depression and trauma resulting in aches, pains, blockages and a general lack of wellbeing.  

Aro Hā

Hā can be likened to a breathe of life. Bringing life, movement, and an intention, causing a fresh restorative focus. 

Aro Hā is a combination of sequenced guided breathe work to gently miri the internal layers and systems of the body, in combination with visualisation, and some focused massage work.

Can be calming and helpful to people who have or are experiencing emotions and feelings such as sadness, grief, anxiety or depression. Is a practice that clients are able to continue with in their own space and time.


Duration: 1 hour


It is possible to think of mirimiri as being like the ebb and flow of tides gently moving onto the shore and returning to the moana / sea. It is the gentle movement across the body, interrupting and awakening the hau of the body, and stimulating the muscle and tissue beneath. 

Mirimiri is often confused with massage because of its therapeutic nature using hands. However mirimiri is also  a traditional form of Rongoa Maori bodywork, utilising any combination of techniques like the hands, arms, rakau and leaves from nature, karakia, waiata, and oral counseling, that communicates directly to the clients body, their wairua and mauri. Creating a healing environment and experience for clients. 


Duration: 1 hour or 1.5 hours


Romiromi is a deeper stimulation of the body's tissue and haemata / pressure points. It is most often performed in conjunction with mirimiri which creates the gentle warming for the body. 


Romiromi is a traditional form of Rongoa Maori bodywork and like mirimiri uses a combination of techniques to clear deeper blockages and trauma that has been held in the body. Creating a healthy circulation of oxygen and blood flow around the body, and moving out toxins. 

Techniques can include those use in mirimiri plus the use of hands, arms, elbows, feet (if doing floor work), bodyweight, kaupare (ancient karakia),       


Duration: 1.5 hours or 2 hours

Meditating in Nature

Mobile service on Waiheke Island only

  • These services are provided on Waiheke Island, New Zealand via mobile service.

  • Travelling to your accommodation or location on the island. 

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