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Kōrero Wairua
Conversations about Wairua

Matters of a wairua nature are not always clearly defined or simple to understand. A conversation with an experienced practitioner can be useful in making sense of wairua experiences. General guidance - help to interpret an occurrence - understand experiences - talk through options. 

The service

A starter conversation over the phone or online video.

We explore and navigate your experience, making sense of it as korero. Define your needs. Provide a combination of insight, guidance, and mentoring.   


How it helps you:

This conversation will help you gain understanding and clarity.

You'll receive guidance and help. 

Get a sense of direction and options for next steps. 


Who is this service for?

This service is for people interested to understand experiences they've had which are of a wairua nature. Some examples below:

  • Been told you are gifted and usually brush it off?  

  • Sensed things about places or people that you otherwise would not expect to know?

  • Feel drawn to help others through traditional bodywork, or applying various aspects of rongoā, etc.

  • Can detect when a person is not well 

  • Felt like you were in the presence of those who have passed into spirit but are not fully confident this is true?

  • Been known to set purposeful intentions through prayer or karakia and find they come into being?

  • More than once had a sense of 'knowing' about a person, place, situation or event that has come to pass in actuality?

  • Received visual tohu, symbols, images, visions, that have been informing, maybe forewarning (and that are not hallucinations)?    

  • Heard sound, words, messages, information inner-aurally or from around you, which is otherwise not expected. 

  • Felt the presence of loved ones who have passed-over?

  • Detected a particular smell or scent that has passed by you that would not usually be in your environment?

  • Have too often had 'knowing' about people, places, or situations for it to be just random coincidences. 

  • Had an encounter that left you feeling uneasy?

  • Had many experiences and are interested to develop your awareness and gifts. Are curious on how to do this?

A conversation is a useful way to get started and clear what's on your mind. To come away with options and ideas on what steps to take next. Some of these options could be of a wairua nature, or everyday practical tools, or linking to other services and providers which maybe of use.  

Kōrero wairua can be a helpful way to increase understanding of wairuatanga.
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