Whakapuawai Ora is expressed by taking personal strides, however challenging, to flourish with vitality from within yourself; and therefore be enabled to flourish across all aspects of your life."

Meet Maria

Certified Coach, Educator and

Mahi Wairua Practitioner

Educating & Coaching


Maria has spent 25+ years in leadership roles offering adult education for both corporate and public service environments; as well in private practice (2008). The professional and personal development of adults has been central to her work. As a skilled facilitator and coach clients have been able to experience important and transformational shifts.
She is Co-Founder of Wheelhouse Education & Learning providing professional development programmes for health professionals.


  • Certified mBIT Coach: Multiple Brain Integration Techniques 

  • Certified Coach: International Association of Coaching Institutes

  • Certified Time Line Therapy (TM) Practitioner

  • Certified Eriksonian Hypnotherapy

  • Certified Master Practitioner & Trainer: Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Certified Transforming Communication Instructor

  • Certified Trainer & Facilitator

  • Certified project management, and process management 

  • IGNITE 80 Peak Performance

  • Oxford Women's Leadership. Saiid Business School, Oxford University.

Indigenous Healing & Matekite


Descended from Māori, Hawaiian and Celtic origins Maria has enjoyed the discovery of her whakapapa and ancestry from these lineages. She greatly acknowledges her tupuna and ancestors and the world views she is offered through them.

Maria's kuia Ngarongo Haimona was matakite (healer & seer) and gifted in karakia. The threads of matakite, whakaora and rongoa weave from her through many descendants. Maria recalls her own earliest experience with wairua as a pre-schooler, though it wasn't until her mid-20's that she acknowledged these qualities. She embarked on a quiet lifelong journey to keep listening; collecting knowledge and experiences and applying them to life. 


  • Mahi Wairua Practitioner: Tutored for 3-years by respected Tohunga Wiremu Niania and wife Lesley. Co-Author of the book, 'Collaborative and Indigenous Mental Health Therapy - Tataihono Stories of Māori Healing and Psychiatry'. 

  • Maramataka Teachings with Rikki Soloman 

  • Traditional bodywork: Romiromi supported by mirimiri. 

  • Zhi Neng Qi Gong practitioner: Chi Lei Chi Kung Levels 1 & 2. 

  • Healing light of the TAO: Master Mantak Chia's Universal Tao.

  • Shamanic journeying of Hopi’sinom (the Hopi people).  

  • Huna Healing (Ho'omana ancient Hawaiian healing).

  • Meditating with spirit guides. Mentored for 5 years with Rose Goodliffe. Masters of Social Practice including research on her practice as a trained counselor and medium. 

Maria is currently a student of He Waka Hiringa: Master of Applied Indigenous Knowledge. Wairuatanga and matakite is her research and practice topic. 

"It has been a privilege to learn Rongoa Māori (healing) along with healing traditions of other cultures. Each requires a deep respect and understanding that comes with both gentleness and command." - Maria.


A note from Maria:


Self-leadership and mauri ora


"There are many roads we travel and stories of significance that impact our lives. For some these stories are about effort and optimistic thinking, self-determination and being capable. For others the experiences are about facing childhood traumas, living with mental health; or dealing with the grief of a loved one who has passed over. Sometimes the stories are about the loss of cultural heritage and identity; or the effect of domestic violence or sexual abuse. Financial hardship and family conditions, or simply being in a relationship that hasn't served them for a long time.  

Every person I have worked alongside has found the inner strength to navigate towards those things that has improved their circumstance and bettered their life. Even in times when feeling the most challenged and restricted in choice.

Right now our personal vitality, well-being and leadership of self is more important than ever. When we listen into ourselves, and discover we need or desire change that is an important recognition it is time to pivot in another direction. To improve one's situation." 


Working intuitively 

"Whakapūawai Ora is a personal dream and goal of mine. It has been a long time coming. I feel great joy in being able to utilise a wide range of tools, research and wisdoms from western knowledge, eastern mind and body practices, and indigenous healing traditions when working alongside you.  

Please feel free to look around the site and reach out when you're ready to make contact.

With gratitude, Maria."