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Working with Wairua

Wairua is universally present, has no beginning nor end, is neither a he or a she, has a limitless capacity, of pure love and the highest intentions.

The best collaboration

I feel a joyful smile when I think about the notion that working with Wairua is a partnership and collaboration. oaches, however that is the nature of the relationship! Wairua provides and guides in ways that I can not always do on my own. I help interpret and translate in a way that assists the client. The client is in charge of themselves, what outcomes they want and what action they will take.  

Trusting the process

During the initial consult valuable time is spent understanding your needs and context, and what outcomes you are reaching for.. Many people bring unique aspects of themselves or their situation and this requires a level of tailoring to their needs. In others words a one-size-fits-all approach is not applied here.  

Following are examples of how five different people presenting with a similar issue might be helped using different approaches. The example scenario is each person is presenting with high levels of work related stress, poor sleep, weight gain and increased levels of self-doubt. 


  • Person one is guided through a coaching conversation to set goals and outcomes, review a series of tools/approaches to assist in the reduction or elimination of stress, improved sleep, better nutrition and strengthening of self belief.

  • Person two is helped to resolve heightened emotions from a past experience where stress levels were high. Old recurring themes of behaviour are now contributing to the current situation. It is not organising tools they need to combat work load but rather to become more resourceful in how they respond in times of stress.

  • Person three receives several messages from Wairua in the form of a reading. The conversation that ensues from the messages provides relief to the client from an underlying concern they have regarding a sensitive family issue where regretful decisions were made. This situation has been affecting concentration and focus at work, increasing stress levels, and feelings of self-doubt. Wairua has presented information into the conversation that the client did not offer, but it was of importance to them solve their stress.

  • Person four receives traditional bodywork and counselling via Mirimiri and whatumanawa (energetic heart) to release tensions held in the body, and to feel relaxed and nurtured. In this situation it is not a reading, tools or thinking approaches the client needs, but rather to receive important nurturing and care at a physical and emotional level for themselves.

  • Person five receives energetic healing applying karakia. And is shown a series of breathing techniques to assist with calming the body and assisting with clarity, and sleep. They create a plan for good nutrition and relaxing activities for health and wellbeing.     

  • Person six requires help outside of what I am able to offer and could be referred to a 3rd party professional.  

Image by Jonathan J. Castellon

Wairua sees what we do not always see ourselves, and finds a way to help.

Wairua can present information that seems unrelated to a clients situation. Initially it may or may not make total sense to me, it usually does to the client, and opens up what really needs to be worked through. My job is interpreting that information  and finding a way to introduce it appropriately. 

I had a situation in recent months where every time I gazed at one of my bookshelves, one particular book would catch my attention. Eventually I picked it up and found myself reading a section on dreams and the process the body goes through during sleeping states. "Interesting information' I thought and put the book away. A week later a client booked to see me. They were experiencing disrupted sleep. "Ask about their dreams'. So I did, and discovered they had a recurring nightmare, leaving them feeling vulnerable and unsettled. I was able to share what I learned from the book allowing them to let go of the underlying fears connected to the dream. That's how Wairua works.  

In the same sense, if a person has a pre-conceived idea they're going to receive one modality over another as part of our work together, it's useful to know that Wairua may indicate something else is needed instead. 


"Walking. I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands."  - Linda Hogan, Poet and Writer - Chickasaw Nation, USA.

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