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Frequently asked questions

  • Alcohol and substances - do I need to be free of these?
    While we are working together in a session I require you to be free of recreational drugs and alcohol.
  • Booking and Cancellation Policy
    Booking and Cancellation Policy Please read the entire booking and cancellation policy below. When you book an appointment with us: You confirm you want us to exclusively reserve a place in our schedule for you, that no other person has access to. You understand that we guarantee to turn up prepared and ready to work with you at the appointment time. You give us the go-ahead to start the preparation for your appointment which commences within the week of the booked appointment. You acknowledge that when cancellations occur within 48 hours of an appointment, they rarely can be filled with such short notice, and therefore we incur a loss of income. You agree that service has commenced and cancellations within 48 hours have an impact on the provider, and as such, refunds within this timeframe are not given. Cancellations WITHIN 48 hours of appointments: No refunds are given for cancellations within 48 hours of appointments. No refunds are given for no-shows. Cancellations 48 hours prior to appointments: If you need to cancel your appointment at least 48 hours prior to a booking, you can either reschedule or a refund can be given. 'Stripe' the payment system we use can take up to 7-days to refund any money. They issue a refund reversal fee to us which is passed onto you. Therefore refunds incur a $5 reversal fee, which is deducted from your refund. Rescheduling appointments: Appointments can be rescheduled up to 48 hours before an appointment by clicking the 'view appointment details' link in your confirmation email. Rescheduling is subject to availability. Late arrival to appointments: We understand that 'stuff happens' and people sometimes run late. If you are running late, text or call as soon as you know. Most often other appointments have been booked following yours. Therefore, if you run late, we stick to the allocated time you booked with us. This means you may not get the advantage of the whole time that's been scheduled for you, which would be unfortunate. You will not be given a refund for time missed due to arriving late. We urge you to be on time. If you do not make it, it will be considered a 'no-show'.
  • Confidentiality and Privacy Policy
    Confidentiality and Privacy Policy Whakapuāwai Ora Limited and its practitioners are governed by the Privacy Act 2020 and the Privacy Principles Client information is privileged and we treat it as such. We collect personal information such as name, contact information, location, interactions with us, billing or purchase information. We collect personal information appropriate to the service being provided to: • be able to contact and communicate with clients, • for the health and safety of both clients, and our practitioners, • for carrying out the delivery of our services to clients, • and for billing information Providing some information is optional. If you choose not to provide the information requested either in our booking forms or on-site, in some instances, we may be unable to provide the services on offer. All information regarding client participation will remain confidential to Whakapuāwai Ora Limited; except where: (i) A client agrees to disclosure, (ii) By law we are required to release client information despite our efforts to maintain client confidentiality (for example if there is a risk to someone’s safety), (iii) It is the view of the practitioner that there is an immediate and foreseeable danger to the life or health of the client and disclosure is necessary to minimise or avert danger to the client or 3rd party, (iv) Discussing the clients case professionally with a supervisor, mentor/advisor or expert in a professional capacity. In this case, client names and personal details are not disclosed. These practitioners’ also have a duty of confidentiality in relation to this. We keep client information safe by storing it in encrypted files or securely locked files. Client information is held for 7-years after which it is destroyed by securely erasing all digital data and files. Access to your information: Clients have the right to ask for a copy of personal information we hold about them, and to ask for it to be corrected if they think it is wrong. Clients can contact us for a copy of their information, or to have it corrected. Do so by contacting us in writing. Complaints: If clients feel a breach of their privacy has occurred, we encourage them to contact us first to discuss and respond. If after that, they are unsatisfied with the response, they can complain to the Health and Disabilities Privacy Commissioner, in the same way as breaches of the Privacy Act.
  • Koha - do you accept this as payment?
    Koha is an option that we practice at Whakapuawai Ora. It applies to some services that we offer, and these are indicated on specific pages. What is offered as a koha is not set by us, but by you. Generally, koha is understood to be a 'gift, offering, present, donation, contribution'. Traditionally it is part of maintaining social relationships and has connotations of reciprocity, but not in all cases. What is offered is decided by the giver. However, different Iwi and Hapu may have variations of Koha and how and when it is appropriate to be expressed.
  • Medication - do I need to stop these when working with you?
    We have no training or expertise in pharmaceutical medication; and neither advocate for or against medication that has been prescribed for you by your medical doctor. Any use of, changes to, or ceasing of medication you may be using is between your medical professional and you, and sits outside the remit of the service we offer. If the services and work we do with you, help improve your health and well-being then we recommend you share this with your health professional for their information.
  • Mobile service
    For mobile service on Waiheke Island: I can travel to your accommodation or location here on the island. There is a flat rate $30 surcharge per address. This contributes to fuel and setup and closedown time. For mobile service off the island: The rate will vary depending on the destination. Please email, text or call me directly with the location details and I will calculate the surcharge. This covers expenses and time-related to the travel.
  • Online apps - which ones do you use?
    The following online virtual systems are used: Zoom (most frequently used) Skype Facebook Google Chat What's App You will select a preferred option at the time of booking. We will send the applicable links to join our session. Please pre-test your equipment prior to our appointment to ensure your video, audio and microphone are working. Ensure any devices that you use are plugged in or fully charged, as you won't want them to stop part way through our session. If there are any issues connecting at our end we will either email or message you straight away. If there are any issues connecting at your end either email or message us straight away. If we do not hear from you within 10 minutes of start time it will be treated as a No-Show appointment. The goal is to have a seamless experience for you, where you gain the most value and help without interruption.
  • Payment options - what are they?
    Each of our services outlines what payment options are. There are: Free of charge 'Karakia' and 'Korero Wairua' are two services that are offered where our time is gifted, and not charged for. A koha exchange From time to time koha is offered on the website for certain services, to family, friends and the local Waiheke Island Community. The value of the koha and what is offered is not set by us, but by you. A funded service Any funded services and criteria will be advertised on the website alongside the service. A paid for service by the client or benefactor Any paid for services will be outlined in the 'Make a Booking' pages. Found by clicking on 'Make a Booking' icons. Paid for services are made in advance of the booking using the online payment system or internet banking. Cash is accepted if you are attending a face to face appointment.
  • Preparation - what, if any preparation do I need to do ahead of the appointment?"
    Preparation helps to get you ready so the time we spend together is focused and helps you get the most value possible. You will be emailed in advance of the appointment what (if any) preparation you need to do. The type of preparation you need to do will depend on what service you have booked in for. For some of our services, preparation is not required. We will let you know either way.
  • Running late - what happens if I think I won't start on time?
    Please be on time. If you are running late, text or call as soon as you know you're going to be late. Most often other appointments have been booked following yours. Therefore, if you run late, we stick to the allocated time you booked with us. This means you may not get the advantage of the whole time that's been scheduled for you.
  • Should I be ready 5-mins prior to our session?
    YES. Please be ready at lease 5-minutes prior to our session so that you get full value of the time we have. There is nothing worse than wasting 5-10 minutes sorting out phone or laptop issues, when instead we could be working through the important mahi. It is not always possible to run overtime at the end of the appointment due to other confirmed bookings.
  • Support person - can I bring one?
    Yes, in some circumstances, but not all. See below for more detail: Indigenous bodywork Yes - support people are welcome. Korero wairua Yes - support people are welcome. Coaching No - this is a time for one to one mahi. Workshops No - this is a time for people within the workshop to do self work and share safely amongst the group. That said, if a support person wants to attend as a fellow participant because they have their own personal mahi to do, they are welcome to attend. If you are bringing a support person, let us know in advance of the session. Any support people will understand the korero and mahi will be central to you and your needs. The support person needs to be someone you can speak freely in front of, and who will hear information that is shared.
  • Why charge for Rongoā based services?
    Occasionally, perspectives are held by some people that Tohunga, Matakite, Rongoā Māori healers, should do their mahi free of charge. If we reflect on the time of our ancestors these roles would have been supported by family and local community (hapu, iwi or other). Usually in the form of a whare, kai, koha (home, food, gifts), care and assistance. In some circumstances service, items, resources or a persons time would be requested by the Tohunga or healer as part of an exchange for help, allowing them to focus on their work while other matters of wellbeing and survival were taken care of. In our present context Tohunga, Matakite, Rongoā Māori healers are faced with a modern economy. The need to earn a living in order to pay for everyday bills, food, living and travel costs. As well support their own family and local community too. Many working in this space not only practice their skill, but invest time in deepening knowledge, studying and learning, attending noho and wananga which are rarely free. For those whom this mahi is their living and business are bound by tax obligations, insurances and legislation. Other practitioners might have full time jobs, and perform these healing duties in their free time, where the service is provided voluntarily. A koha might later be given by the person or family who has been helped. All of these approaches are appropriate and the various forms of exchange set by the practicing healer.
  • Why do you have a booking fee for Koha based services?
    When a person books an appointment online for a koha-based service they will be charged a $10 non-refundable fee. The non-refundable fee secures the booking; and has been set to discourage moving appointment times. While we accept that sometimes things happen and appointments need to be moved, some clients will move times 2 or 3 times, and generally, others are unable to book the timeslot at late notice.
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