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Hauora Tinana

Traditional bodywork

The human body works to restore itself 24/7. This includes physical repair, processing experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, storing memories, and creating ideas. We also know that positive experiences are rongoā (good medicine) for people. However, the build-up of busyness  and various stressors can lead to aches, pains, heightened emotions, blockages and a general lack of wellness. This will likely worsen if ignored.


Whai Ora are helped to let go of stress responses, within an environment that is safe, nurturing, and enabling.



Coaching is a nurturing and rewarding way of experiencing personal and professional growth in an area of your choice.


With encouragement, the right tools, motivation and relevant ways of thinking and feeling, a person can create breakthroughs that set the tone for future outcomes.  

Kōrero Wairua

Conversations about wairua

Matters of a wairua nature are not always clearly defined or simple to understand. A conversation with an experienced practitioner can be useful in making sense of wairua experiences. General guidance - help to interpret an occurrence - understand experiences - talk through options. 

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