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Restore, Refresh and Restart

Life is sometimes tough

It throws obstacles to work through and overcome. Usually we can balance these with the good times, persevere and work through it. "She'll be right. All will be well."  Yet, it seems there are waves of challenges in recent times. Layer upon layer, where even the small things can be hard to deal with. Tossing things out of balance and leaving people not feeling their usual selves. Recycling of the same stuff, the same thinking, the same feelings, the same frustrations. A lot of energy worrying, and not getting far. Suddenly symptoms of ongoing stress and pressure are being noticed.    

Symptoms of ongoing stress and pressure

Ongoing exposure to stress increases risk of health problems and has a flow-on effect into a persons life. It can affect people in a number of ways, and is important to address. Symptoms can include:

Tinana / body

  • Sleep problems - Headaches - Muscle tension and pain - Tiredness or fatigue - Stomach or gut upset - Weight gain or loss - High blood pressure

Hinengaro / mindset

  • Feeling overwhelmed - Restlessness - Sadness or depression - Irritability or anger - Anxiety - Lack of focus or concentration - Low motivation or drive


  • Overeating or undereating - Outbursts of behaviour - Substance misuse - Social withdrawal - Less physical activity - Negative self talk - Change in usual behaviour - Impaired problem solving - Impaired decision making

Wairua / spirit / sense of self

  • Overall, not feeling oneself - Feels, looks or sounds emotionally and/or mentally vulnerable Whole body energy is visibly lower than usual, or has increased intensity - Increasingly does not seem their usual self in a number of ways. 


The good news is most, if not all of these are fixable with the right support. 
Orange Blossom

Partner with me to help you restore your clarity, inner strength and inner wisdom. 

This programme is designed specifically to:

  • Refresh your hinengaro (mindset)

  • Be creative and practical in resolving challenges    

  • Support your ngākau (heart space) to nurture necessary healing

  • Connect with your gut intuition and wisdom to restrengthen yourself and courage   

  • Replenish your personal kete (basket) with tools that build on your strengths

  • Help lift your mauri and start restoring your overall togetherness.

For people looking to restore, restart and gain a fresh perspective. 

  • Four sessions over 3 months. 

  • Sessions are 1.5 hours approximately.

  • There is some tailoring to the programme to meet your specific needs.  

Work with an experienced leadership educator, life coach and traditional healer to give you an integrated whole-system approach to a replenished and more resourceful you.

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