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Restore, Refresh and Restart

Can't see the woods for the trees?

Running like a mouse on a wheel you can't get off?

Feeling slightly defeated?

This short-term approach has been designed to help  overworked and exhausted individuals replenish their energy and freshen perspectives. They will let go of timewasters and burdens and get started on a fresh path. 

1-Day Retreat

A total package in one day.

Traditional bodywork + Kōrero wairua + Vision creation + Coaching + Nourishing kai + Beautiful Waiheke Island 

This beautiful one-day retreat is created for the person who would appreciate a full day away from their 'norm'. An opportunity to let go of tensions, see through obstacles and create an important vision for a matter close to the heart. All while basking in the beautiful Waiheke Island environment.    

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